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Time to begin stressing what your RPM score is?

Shorthand for "Retirement Preparedness Measure," it's unquestionably the most recent approach to check whether your retirement years are probably going to look increasingly like "The Great Gatsby" than "Les Misérables." (Trust us: Anne Hathaway won't be there singing "I Dreamed a Dream" in the last case.) And it doesn't stop there.

Unexpectedly, not exclusively does this new quantify from Fidelity Investments ( uncover how close working Americans are to meeting their all out post-retirement costs, it likewise analyzes how Baby Boomers, Gen Exers and Gen Yers all stack facing one another.

Prepared for the drum roll?

"The middle [RPM] score shows working Americans are on track to meet only 74 percent of their assessed retirement cost objectives," — including lodging, nourishment and medicinal services — "and face a 26 percent salary hole," says John Sweeney, Fidelity's official VP of retirement and speculation.

That is the middle — additionally considered "America's RPM" — and it rates a "yellow," for "reasonable," on the shading coded retirement readiness range. However, look at the full breakdown, in light of information from Fidelity's eagerly awaited 2013 Retirement Savings Assessment study, and you'll see that 55 percent of families positioned just "reasonable" or "poor":

* Dark Green (generally excellent or better): 33 percent are on track to cover 95 percent or a greater amount of complete evaluated costs, even in a down market.

* Green (great): 12 percent are on course to just cover basics.

* Yellow (reasonable): 14 percent are missing the mark and would probably require unassuming acclimations to their arranged ways of life.

* Red (poor): 41 percent were so off track that critical way of life modifications would be required.

The generational contrasts are likewise educational.

While Baby Boomers are in the "green zone" as a gathering, actually being on track to arrive at just 81 percent of their objective essentially precludes ruffles like travel and excitement. Gen Xers (brought into the world 1965-1977), in the interim, made the "yellow zone" at 71 percent.

What's more, the more youthful Gen Yers who harbor fantasies about resigning early? All things considered, they do have the most time to improve their current "red" rating of 62 percent of their objective.

Indeed, they — or anybody — can support their retirement readiness by utilizing six "quickening agents."

For instance, on the off chance that you can bear to build your yearly reserve funds to in any event 15 percent of your pay (counting any business 401(k) coordinate), it would bring the middle RPM score of 74 up to 82. Another includes resource blend: By supplanting portfolios that are either excessively traditionalist or excessively forceful with an age-fitting allotment, a similar middle RPM increments to 77.

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