How to Activate Jio Sim Through Jio Pos Plus App | Jio Pos Plus Appjio pos plus sim activation

How to Activate Jio Sim Through Jio Pos Plus App

How to Activate Jio Sim Through Jio Pos Plus App

1. Turn on your phone

2. Then go to JIO POS PLUS APP

3. Open with passward

4. Put your hand on the line at the top three on the left

5. Go to Geo Digital ekyc

7. Select mobilty AN QR CODE TA SCAN of the lip card with the QR hand of the mobile

8. Take the first page of the Aadhaar card where there is a picture with the name of the person.

9.Take a picture of the back of the Aadhaar card where the address is written

10. Then take a picture of the customer, then take a picture of yourself 11. Then the customer details will come .. There you have to check with the Aadhaar card

12. Then you have to enter another mobile number from the customer which will go to one. After entering the mobile number, you will see the Self option on the right. Then do.

13. Select the plan by PREPEAID and do OK with 123456. Then the SIM will scan the QR code on the back and go to mnp option and enter the number of the SIM that will be geo.

14Then you have to enter the UPC code, then enter the date of generation of the UPC code, then select the operator; You have to select prepaid and save it.

15.Then otp to customer's mobile number will be otp to your mobile. After giving those, the iccid number of the SIM has to be given at 5 o'clock and the last time has to be deducted and the next one has to be

16. Then a customer activation will come from, then you have to press the back button once on the mobile,

17.then you have to select cash and do it

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