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What is PHP? Why? How?

What is PHP? Why? How?

What is PHP? Why? How?

What is PHP? Why? How?

PHP is a programming language. It is mainly used for server-side scripting. PHP is a scripting language designed primarily for creating running web pages. It incorporates command line interface capabilities and can be used by standalone graphical applications.

Since PHP was originally invented by Rasmus Lordruff in 1995, the basic application of PHP has been through PHP groups and servers, and PHP is not limited to a specific subject. PHP is a free software under the PHP License, which is compatible with the GNU General Public License (GPL) despite the limitations of using PHP. PHP is a widely used general purpose scripting language that is especially useful for web development and can be expressed in HTML format. It is usually run on a web server that uses PHP code as a guide and displays results by creating web pages. It can be applied to most web servers and can be used for free on almost all operating systems and locations. PHP is being used on more than 20 million websites and 1 million web servers.


PHP was created in 1994 under the name Personal Home Page (PHP), when Rasmus Lerdorf wrote a series of "Common Gateway Interfaces (CGI)" through the Perl programming language. Whose job was to maintain the homepage of his own personal website. Which would record his CV and web traffic or number of visitors. Due to the performance of the site, he rewrote the same script with C (programming language). And with that he added the ability to add web forms and databases and called this design "Personal Home Page" or PHP for short. Basically PHP is created from here. It is used to create simple, dynamic websites. HTML was then embedded in PHP on June 7, 1995. Then came version 3 in 1998 and PHP 5 version came in 2004 and now the latest version is (stable) 7.3.3 (March 7, 2019).

Source: Wikipedia.

Why PHP?

Easy to learn: Many people drop out at the beginning of learning a programming language, it is a familiar phenomenon, but there are some reasons for it. ‘The complexity of coding’ is a factor.

Run, compile and output: Usually when we work with programming, we have to go through a lot of trouble to write and run the code. But PHP can be run in any browser without any hassle by typing it in any editor and keeping it on the server.

Large community: PHP has a large community. So any big problem can be solved through community in a short time. It ranks as the third largest community in Stack Overflow. Many projects created by PHP are available on GitHub.

Advantages of creating projects: PHP code maintenance is very easy, there are many powerful frameworks so you can easily create large projects with PHP in a short time.

Popularity: PHP has long been popular for back end or (server side) web development. Large organizations like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, WordPress have been using PHP for various purposes including their main websites. In addition, PHP currently owns 84% ​​of web technology.

CAREER: I don't know how much it costs in our country. However, PHP is in great demand as a carrier. Those who want to see themselves as web developers can easily become a PHP developer in a short time. Not to mention Laravel, one of PHP's current frameworks, not to mention its widespread use and demand; Reminds me of PHP's secure future in career.

What is the future of PHP?

A profession popular at this time. The demand is much higher in the local market as well as in the online marketplace. The current website is about 1,644,518,326.

Thousands of websites are being added to this list every day. A good web developer is needed for new website development or for adding new functionality to the old website. You can start a career in web development if you want. Career Prospects Web is a place that has a beginning but no end, so the possibilities here are so much more! The popular marketplace is Odesk which is now known as Upwork. There are almost always 4199 web development related jobs only in freelancers. The average rate per hour starts from ২৫ 25 to 150. Seeing the growth of work, it is understood that the demand for work is increasing or decreasing. Bangladeshi freelancers are also getting good jobs by showing their skills in web programming and software development. So you understand how the future of the career can be!


A good PHP developer should combine different skills and talents:

A better understanding of HTTP
A good understanding of the Apache configuration (even if you use a different web server in your company)
At least a preliminary understanding of JavaScript
Great understanding of HTML / CSS
The list goes on and on. Make sure you tailor the interview to the specific job opening requirements, you are not only a good developer but you do not want to hire a good developer who needs you immediately.

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