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Computer Essay - My Computer Essay

Computer Essay - My Computer Essay

The post is all about computer essay,computer essay in english,essay on importance of computer and my computer essay.It is helpful for nursery students.
Computer Essay - My Computer Essay


The computer is an electric device. Computer is one of the surprising inventions of science. Computer not only counts but also it can solve some complex problems.

Discovery and Structure: 

By some scientists after long effort computer has been invented. Regarding computer invention Charls Babeze's contribution is the greatest. Computer has many sections. These sections are connected with wire. Computer can preserve information and execute them. With the help of that intomation and order it can solve many complex problems. There are various types of computers.


Computer is used in various works. This machine solve any problem. In writing letters, drawing pictures, printing books in daily work, trade and commerce, industry, medical, education, scientific research, in communication, space exploration etc.

Computer in India: 

Now in many countries all over the World computer is used. Our country is also not laging behind.In our country the use of computer is increasing gradually.
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