Printer - Line Printer Serial Printer Laser Printer Prum Printer Chain Printer


Line Printer Serial Printer Laser Printer Prum Printer Chain Printer
  • Line Printer: This printer prints a line together. This printer can print 150 to 2500 lines of 96 to 160 characters.
  • Drum Printer: A drum-shaped cylinder. cylinder The letters are embossed on it. The information that will be printed is stored from memory to the printer.
  • Chain Printer: This printer has a steel band. 64 character ঐ is embossed on the band. Output data is stored temporarily from the computer to print a line.
  • Serial Printer: A printer that prints only one character at a time is called a serial printer. This type of printer travels from one end of the print head line to the other.
  •  Dot matrix Printer: This is a very popular serial printer This printer is seen everywhere. It goes from left to right to write. To return, it comes from right to left to write. It costs less. Fonts other than English can also be used.
  • Daisy wheel Printer: The print head of this printer is like a galvanized wheel. The letters are embossed on the disk. The disk moves from right to left. The dick rotates. When the letter is to be printed, the letter will hit the ribbon when it arrives at the appropriate place. Right below the ribbon.There is paper. Prints tend to be The price of this printer is high, but the print quality is very nice and perfect.
  • Irraplic Plotter: Want a plotter to do high quality graphic work. The graphic plotter has a moving pen that rotates on the drawing seat and creates graphic images. Paper is also encircled. The location of the pen is determined by the x and y co-ordinaters within the program itself. Two types of graph plotter are available: drum plotter and flalbed plotter.
  • Page Printer: Usually used laser printer prints very well. A laser biam will write or draw a picture on a paper. An image of the object being printed is electrically charged.
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