Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 - How Much Of An Upgrade Is It?

Qualcomm Snapdragon 712
So past few months have been quite interesting especially in mobile processor space yeah the number of processors that have been launched in fast 12 to 18 months is just crazy probably more processors were launched in last 12 to 18 months then preceding 2 or 3 years or even more than that and the reason being mediatek which generally was a poorer cousin of Qualcomm has risen up they have come up with processors that are competent and smart phones on these media attack especially the p-series process have been quite good and they are giving good competition to Qualcomm and so what does Qualcomm do they are coming out with new processor probably every month in last four or five months at least three of them have been announced and these processors new processors are actually not big jump from their predecessors they are kind of incremental updates newer ones so please understand that this processor takes lot of time efforts probably rnd of about six months one year and then someone can come up with a completely new one but when it comes to incremental updates like the one which Qualcomm has launched the SD 712 mobile platform as they call it is again slight upgrade over 710 in this video I am going to tell you what should you expect from 712 the new processor from Qualcomm friends before first start by telling you the architecture is exactly the same what it was on 710 cryo 360 cores are the ones which are used the only thing is they are slightly overclocked instead of 2.2 on 710 it's 2.3 gigahertz on 712 platform which is what mediatek with P 60 and then introducing P 70 exactly the same and Qualcomm has done the same while it is on the same 10 nm architecture which 710 was and 712 is it has started now supporting quick charge 4.0 plus which means any smart phone on this particular platform will charge up to 50% in just 18 minutes everything else you take AI engine you take connectivity audio they have made slight difference they've introduced something called as acoustic for gaming because this is the performance boost of up to 10 percent as compared to 7/10 so audio they have improved a bit but other than that if you look at modem connectivity everything else remains the same as it is on 710 and Qualcomm even says that this boost is up to 10% the performance boost and this is especially for gaming so any phones that want to you know attract gaming crowd you know so this 712 is going to be a good processor for those kind of smartphones other than that 712 is just the same as 7 pin another thing interesting that has happened that I wanted to speak was introduction of seven series so essentially this is six series but high-end six series but qualcomm decided no we wanted something else so that incremental updates of processors is all because of this and that's why it's not from 7-10 it is not 720 it is 712 it's the slight jump when it comes to unto two scores on 710 generally it too used to be around one like 70,000 or something if I have to guess what 712 will be it will be around 185 to 190 so that is that is the amount of boost it is going to get another thing I wanted to tell you like we have a 7 Series newly launched the 7 Series between 6 and 8 series in Qualcomm Snapdragon processors we may see in 2019 a 5 Series coming between 4 and 6 because there are so many smartphones launching so many I can't tell you every week especially in India we have about 2 to 3 launches and they need processors and they need different kinds of processors so this 5 series 7 series probably a 9 series I don't know so this may come you tell us what do you think how is this space growing evolving you tell me what will you see or VC incoming probably 12 to 18 months make sure you do and friends if you liked this video don't forget to hit a like button I want to ask you one question what do you think what is the future of this space mobile processor space for next 12-18 months or 24 months in next two years what is going to happen will we see any new players will we see more a I enabled process coming anything that you want to share I would love to know so friends that's about it in this video until next time keep track end  Friends if you like this post,kindly comment bellow and do share your responce.Thank You for Visiting

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