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100% Pass Guarantee - TEC Final Exam Questions and Answers 2021 pdf Download | TEC Exam pdf Download

 TEC Final Exam Questions and Answers 2021 

TEC Final Exam Questions and Answers 2021 pdf Download: Here you get all tec assessment answers pdf 2021, tec assessment answers pdf or csc tec assessment answers.This tec assessment questions and answers we provide free of cost.With the help of this answer you can easily crack csc tec exam.in this page you will get assessment 1 tec answer key 2021.This is not a assessment 1 tec answer key 2021 pdf.We also provide all 1 to 10 tec exam answer key 2021 and csc tec final exam questions and answers 2021.

tec final exam questions and answers 2021 pdf download

Table of Content (toc)

TEC Exam Questions and Answers: TEC Final Exam Questions and Answers 2021

Q1. Listening for enjoyment is called as …………………… 

  •     Ans:Articulative Listening 

Q2. Lack of eye Contact and inappropriate posture are examples of …………………….     Barrier 

  •     Ans:Behavioral

Q3. What is the best way to create value for the customer 

  •     Ans:By bringing together products, services, partners and solutions

Q4. What are the three value elements


Q5. ………………………Everyone one completes on price as no one is exploring how they are able to differently adding value to customer 

  •     Ans:Privtization 

Q6. According to the framework for entrepreneurs, select the best statement below

  •     Ans:Who are you serving? – What are you offering? – How are you able to deliver? – Why Want it be copied? 

Q7. Why is a customer purchasing from a particular store 

  •     Ans:Because the customer values the product or service the shop provides 

Q8. Cash flow simply put is the difference between the cash that flows in and cash the flows out 
  •     Ans:TRUE.

Q9. Why do we need to evaluate an idea

  •     Ans:All of the above

Q10.Strategic value come from having important……………… …………. or a…. ……… technology that has strategic value to an incumbent in an industry.

  •     Ans:Customer, Contribution or a Propriety Technology.

Q11. Many times technology start-ups that have accumulated losses and modest sales get acquired for many times they are worth.

  •     Ans:TRUE

Q12. Direct Labor Cost includes of salaries of executive, Salesperson, commission paid to the sales team, advertising, utilities paid for the administrative building 

  •     Ans:TRUE
Q13. …………………………….The key determination of the cost of goods sold (COGS) which appears on the P&L statement) 

  •     Ans:Indirect Cost 

Q14. Direct Material Cost are high or significant for service company like Infosys , Wipro, state bank of India, ICICI BANK, etc 

  •     Ans:TRUE

Q16. ………………………. is the cost of any material directly used inthe production of the output 

  •     Ans:Expired Cost 

Q17. All expenses on the P&L statement represent expired cost where asset on the balance sheet represent unexpired cost 
  •     Ans:TRUE

Q18. Entrepreneurs effectively sell their products of service to clints and customer which trait is being discussed here 

  •     Ans:Optimistic Nature 

Q19. A software engineer wants to open an online app which can easily connect customers  with doctors in the city.  also help patients to book appointments and share reports with other doctors for second opinions.  What should he do?

  •     Ans:All of the above.

Q20. Absorptive Capacity comes from prior , related knowledge to be able to make sense recognize the value of ,and use new information .

  •     Ans:TRUE 

Q21. What is the role of a weak tie

  •     Ans:Both are Correct 

Q22. Enterpenurers are always looking for anew ways of doing things and how they can make them better. Which trail is being discussed here?

  •     Ans:Creativity

Q23. The profit and loss statement records all transaction on an accrual basis

  •     Ans:TRUE 

Q24. What is real Account

  •     Ans:None of them are correct 

Q25. Normal Accounts are those accounts that consist of expenses, losses, incomes, and profits 

  •     Ans:False 

Q26. What are the factors to consider while evaluating whether an idea is an opportunity or not with respect to economics.

  •     Ans:None of the above

Q27. A business can exist if it does not have any revenues 

  •     Ans:TRUE 

Q28. ………………………….. is about planning for the uncertain future and deciding what kind of investments should the business make 

  •     Ans:Finance 

Q29. …………………….. has multiple owners and partners, some of whom are also usually responsible for the day to day running of the business 

  •     Ans:Presidentship 

Q30. Each EMI includes repayment of a part of the loan amount and the interest for the next month which depends on the remaining amount owned the lender, this method is called………….

  •     Ans:Referencing Balance Method 

Q31.What are the common type of current assets

  •     Ans:Cash, Inventories, Deliverables, long term loans, and advance

Q32. What are the common types of non – current assets

  •     Ans:Payables, Short Term Loans 

Q33. …………….. is the value of raw materials held, work-in-process and finished good held by the business

  •     Ans:Revenues 

Q34. Balance sheet divided into 2 parts 

  •     Ans:None of them are correct 

Q35. What are long term loans and advances

  •     Ans:These are loans are advances given to other entities like suppliers which are due after one year 

Q36. Delivering what customer wants is one of the constituents of a service promise 

  •     Ans:True 

Q37. Service promise is the assurance given to the customer about in time delivery of assured …………… and ………………………. Of product.

  •     Ans:Variety and guranty 

Q38. What makes a great customer experience 

  •     Ans:Convince 
Q39. ……………… is a record of all of business existing assets, liabilities and equity 

  •     Ans:Balance Sheet

Q40. Balance sheet is a record of all of a business’s revenues and costs over a certain period of time typically every quarter of every year. 

  •     Ans:TRUE
Q41. Entrepreneurship is Opportunity to Create Wealth

  •  Ans: True

Q42. A Successful entrepreneur Can Become Rich Very Fast

  •     Ans:True 

Q43. Which of These an Example of entrepreneurship? 

  •     Ans:Starting a new type of restaurant in city 

Q44. All Pepole Who Start up a Business Based on a new idea are always successful?

  •      Ans:False

Q45-Who Among These is a Successful Indian Enterpreneur

  •     Ans:All of The Above

Q46. Organization are not  entrepreneurial but people are entrepreneurial

  •     Ans:True

Q47. Does Entrepreneurship Create Job

  •     Ans:Yes, it does

Q48.  ………………………….. is the spefic tool of entreneurship

  •     Ans:Experiment

Q49. Which of these is the correct expansion of BATNA

  •     Ans:Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement

Q50. Entrepreneur need to have……………. To be successful

  •     Ans:Patience

All TEC Final Exam Answer Key 2021

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