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Computer Organization & Architecture MCQ [ Set - 10 ] | Computer Organization and Architecture mcq for Competitive Exams


computer organization and architecture mcq for competitive exams

Table of Content (toc)

1. The BCD adder to add two decimal digits need minimum of 

    6 full adder and half adder 
    5 full adder and 3 half adder
     a full adder and 3 half adder 

ANSWER= (D)  none of the above 


2. T ___ mapping is used in cache organisation which is the quickest and most supple organisation.

ANSWER= (C) Associative


3. Gray code of decimal number 5 is

    111 and
ANSWER= (B) 011


4. When CPU is executing a Program that is part of the Operating System, it issaid to be in _____.

    Interrupt mode
    System mode
    Half mode
ANSWER= (B) System mode


5. A computer stores its data in memory

    Decimal form
    Octal form
    Hexadecimal form
ANSWER= (D) Binary form


6. Number of ASCII codes in 7 bits form

ANSWER= (B) 128


7. The memory unit that communicates directly with the CPU is called the

    main memory
     Secondary memory
    shared memory

ANSWER= (A) main memory


8. In a self complementing code the sum of weights is 


ANSWER= (D) none of these


9. ___ levels can be used for describing a computer-



10.  Which of the following rule(s) regarding the addition of 2 given numbers in 2's complement is correct 

    Add sign bit and discard carry, if any
     Add sign bit and add carry, if any
    don't Add sign bit and discard carry, if any
ANSWER= (A) Add sign bit and discard carry, if any


11. The average time required to reach a storage location in memory and obtain its contents is called the

    seek time
    turnaround time
    access time

ANSWER= (C) access time


12. When signed numbers are used in binary arithmetic, then which one of the following notations would have unique representation of zero 

    's complement 
    2's complement
ANSWER= (A) magnitude 


13.The instruction ‘ORG O’ is a

    Machine Instruction.
    Pseudo instruction.
    High level instruction.
ANSWER= (B) Pseudo instruction.


14. Exponent in floating point number can be represented by -

    Sign-magnitude form, 
    I's complemented from, 
    2's complemented from,
ANSWER= (A) Sign-magnitude form, 


15. Consider the following statements with respect to the number of pipeline stages used to perform a given task:

1. Specification of the subtasks to be performed in the only the first stage of the pipeline.

2. Layout of the stage sequence, i.e., whether the stages are used in a strictly sequential manner or some stages are recycled.

State True or False:

    1- True, 2- True
    1- True, 2- False
    1- False, 2- False
ANSWER= (D) 1- False, 2- True


16. If nagative number are stored in 1's complemented form,the range of numbers that can be stored in 16 bits is -

    -128 to +128
    -128 to +127
    -127 to +127
ANSWER= (A) -32767 to +32767


17.  _________ register keeps tracks of the instructions stored in program stored in memory.

    AR (Address Register)
    XR (Index Register)
    PC (Program Counter)
ANSWER= (C)  PC (Program Counter)


18. ROM is 

    a kind of RAM
     a part of CPU
     sequentially accessed memory
ANSWER= (A) a kind of RAM


19. An instruction to provide small delay in program



20. A removable magnetic disc that holds information.

    Hard drive
ANSWER= (A) Portable


21.Secondary memory is

    can be both
ANSWER= (A)  none-volatile 


22. The result of computer processing of your input is called

     Multi tasking
ANSWER= (D) Output


23. 43. Memory unit accessed by content is called

    Read only memory
    Programmable Memory
     Virtual Memory
ANSWER= (D) Associative Memory


24. The immediate addressing mode of instruction provides the operand in memory location

    Pointed by the PC
    Next to that of OP code
    Pointed by PC+1

ANSWER= (B) Next to that of OP code


25. In disks, accessing mode is

     indexed sequential
ANSWER= (B) random


26.  The idea of cache memory is based

    on the property of locality of reference
    on the heuristic 90-10 rule
    on the fact that references generally tend to cluster
ANSWER= (A) on the property of locality of reference


27. In comparison to main memory accessing time in secondary memory

ANSWER= (A) more


28. Which was the world’s first minicomputer and when it introduced?

ANSWER= (D) PDP-1, 1958


29. How many bus structure communicate at a time?


ANSWER= (A) one


30. Consider the below-mentioned statements with respect to virtual address mode.

1. In the virtual address mode, cache access efficiency is faster than the physical addressing mode.

2. In the virtual address mode, cache lookup is delayed.

State True or False:

    1- True, 2- False
    1- True, 2- True
    1- False, 2- False
ANSWER= (A) 1- False, 2- True

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