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C Programming MCQ with Answers [ SET - 1 ] | 100 Multiple Choice Questions in C Programming with Answers pdf Download


100 Multiple Choice Questions in C Programming with Answers pdf Download

1. The escape sequence '\r' means 

     new line
    form feed
    carriage return
ANSWER= (C) carriage return


2. Who is father of C Language?

     bjarne stroustrup
     dennis ritchie
    james a. gosling
ANSWER= (B) dennis ritchie


3. Which is the correct way to declare a pointer?

    int *ptr;
    *int ptr;
ANSWER= (B) int *ptr;


4. Write the output of the following program part: 

int q = 3959, d;

d=printf("%d", q);


     d = 395 
ANSWER= (D) d=4


5. The program instructions and global and static variables are stored in a region known as a permanent storage area and the local variables are stored in another area are called ___

     Linked list
ANSWER= (A) Stack


6. int i = -1; then memory location of i contains -



7. C is a which level language.?

    Low Level
    High Level
    Low + High
ANSWER= (B) High Level


8. The maximum negative value that a single integer variable can store is -

ANSWER= (B) -32768 


9. If one or more structure are other structures, then the structure is known as

    Nested structure
    Structured structure
    Invalid structure
ANSWER= (A) Nested structure


10. If a 11 and b = 3, what is the value of a%b? -




11. It is divided from a computing language named …… and from an earlier language ……

    B, BCLP
    B, PCPL
    B, BCPL


12. Which is the reserved word in C

ANSWER= (B) struct,


13. C Language developed at _____?

    at & t\s bell laboratories of usa in 1972
    at & t\s bell laboratories of usa in 1970
     sun microsystems in 1973
ANSWER= (A) at & t\s bell laboratories of usa in 1972


14. Consider the variables char c = 'p'; int i = 6, f= 2;

The result of the expression c<(i+f) -



15. What is the work of break keyword?

     halt execution of program
     restart execution of program
    exit from loop or switch statement
ANSWER= (C) exit from loop or switch statement


16. char p = 67; printf("%c", p), then the output will be - 



17.  Which one is a collection of one or more variables, possibly of different types, grouped together under a single name for convenient handling

ANSWER= (D) Structure


18.  #define max (a, b) a<b?a:b. 

int al = 8, a2 = 9; 

printf ("%d", max ( al, a2));

The output will be - 

     compilation error,
    run time error, 

ANSWER= (C) (Since, 8<9? 8:9=9)


19. The associativity of ! operator is

    Right to Left
    Left to Right
    (a) for Arithmetic and (b) for Relational
ANSWER= (A) Types 2nd options


20. Suppose 'a' is an unsigned int variable and the value is 0x6DB7. The expression A>>6 will result in -

ANSWER= (D) 0x01B6


21. Null character is represented by

ANSWER= (B) \0


22. typedef is a - 

    predefined function 
    both (a) and (b)
ANSWER= (A) keyword,


23. A pointer to a pointer is a form of

    multiple indirections
     a chain of pointers
     both a and b
ANSWER= (C) both a and b


24. If a = -5 and b = -8 what is the value of a % b

ANSWER= (D)  (answer is -5)


25. C language was invented in the year.?


ANSWER= (C) 1972


26. '++' is a

     unary operator 
    binary operator
    ternary operator
ANSWER= (A) unary operator 


27. The maximum number of temporary variables needed to swap the contents of the variables is



28.  &&' operator - 

    left associative
    right associative
     can be used is left or right associative
ANSWER= (D) (left to right associative.)


29.  Let x an array. Which of the following cannot be present in the left-hand side of an assignment statement?

    x + i
    * ( x + i)
ANSWER= a,b, c


30. The precedence of bitwise AND operator '&' over bitwise OR operator '|' -

    not specified
ANSWER= (A) more


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