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Computer Hardware MCQ Questions and Answers [SET - 5] | Computer Hardware and Networking MCQ pdf

Computer Hardware MCQ Questions and Answers

Table of Content (toc)


1._____ is the term used to refer to the process of two modems establishing communications with each other.

ANSWER= (B) handshaking


2. Who is known as the father of supercomputing?

    David J. Brown
    Gene Amdahl
    Adam Dunkels
ANSWER= (D) Seymour Cray


3. Computer can run without

     application software
     system software
    operating system
ANSWER= (A) application software


4. In computers, application software executes

    all the time
    when required
     any time
ANSWER= (B) when required


5. Devices that accepts data from outside computer and transfer into CPU are called

    input devices
    digital devices
    analogue devices
ANSWER= (A) input devices


6. External devices such as printers, keyboards and modems are known as

    Add on devices 
     PC expansion
ANSWER= (C) peripherals          


7.  External devices/ peripherals like keyboard and mouse can be connected to a computer using ______ ports.

    both a & b
ANSWER= (C) both a & b


8. Windows Defender definitions contain the ______ of signatures of spywares.

ANSWER= (A) Folder


9. You work on the technical support desk at the local computer superstore. A customer has called complaining that he is getting a headache from the flickering of monitor. What advice should you give him?

      Adjust the number of colours displayed
     Adjust the monitor’s resolution
    Adjust the refresh rate
ANSWER= (C) Adjust the refresh rate


10. A hard disk is divided into tracks, which are further subdivided into

ANSWER= (B) sectors 


11. Which of the following is not an example of hardware?

ANSWER= (D) Interpreter


12. The term used to define all input and output devices in a computer system is ___

     Shared resources
ANSWER= (D) Hardware


13. On a dot matrix printer, you should never lubricate which part?

    carriage rails
    printhead pins
     paper advance bearings 
ANSWER= (A) carriage rails


14.  The _____________ operation is used to copy a value or key from one location to another in the registry.

ANSWER= (A) Delete


15. What is the first thing you could do to check for damage to a printer after receiving it?

    Run MSD diagnostics               
    Attach it to a PC and print something
    Check the cables                        
ANSWER= (D) Unbox it and examine it for physical damage


16. The device that produces hard copies on paper is called ______.

ANSWER= (D) printer


17.Through what hardware does one person speak to the other person on a video conference?

ANSWER= (A)  Microphone


18. The Remote Assistance Invitation is saved ____________ default name.

ANSWER= (B) Invitation.msrcincident


19.  Your customer tells you the print quality of their dot matrix printer is light then dark. Which of the following could cause the problem.

    Paper slippage
    Improper ribbon advancement
    Head position
ANSWER= (B) Improper ribbon advancement


20. Teletypewriter terminal is an example of

     input devices
    output devices
     input/output devices
ANSWER= (C) input/output devices


21. Computer operation in which new word replaced the old one in a particular memory location is termed as

    save operation
    fetch operation
    control operation
ANSWER= (D) write operation


22. Main difference between different types of computer printer depends upon

    quality output
    ability to print graphics
ANSWER= (D)  all of these


23. A Dual layer Blue-ray Disk can store data upto

    20 GB
    35 GB
    12 GB


24.  Which American computer company is called Big Blue ?

    Compaq Corp


25.Computer Hard Disk was introduced in 1956 by



26. Device that takes data from user and convert it into the form that can be easily understandable by computer is

    Storage device
    Output device
    input device
ANSWER= (C) input device


27. Computer system has a unit, which displays the results from it.

    Central Processing unit
    memory unit
     input unit
ANSWER= (D) output unit


28.Which of the following cable uses RJ45 connectors?

    Thick Coaxial Cable
     Thin Coaxial Cable
     Shielded Twisted Pair Cable
ANSWER= (C)  Shielded Twisted Pair Cable


29. What is a device connecting a network without using a cable?

     Open source
ANSWER= (A) Wireless


30. When the computer shuts down, the ............ contents are lost.

ANSWER= (D) Memory

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