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Computer Hardware MCQ Questions and Answers [SET - 4] | Computer Hardware Multiple Choice Questions and Answers


Computer Hardware MCQ Questions and Answers

Table of Content (toc)

1. The __________ file system does not allow a partition to be created if its size exceeds 4 GB.




2. A(n) ____ camera is a peripheral device used to capture still images in a digital format that can be easily transferred into a computer and manipulated using graphics software.

ANSWER= (D) Digital


3. _____________ security level is used for trustworthy sites such as secure internal sites.



4. Peripheral devices such as printers and monitor are considered to be ___

ANSWER= (B) Hardware


5. Computers using various operating systems on a network should have the same ________ to enable sharing over the network.

    File system
    Workgroup name
    Shared folder
ANSWER= (B) Workgroup name


6. When you save the following the data would remain intact even after turning off computer?

    Primary Storage Device
    Secondary and Storage Device
ANSWER= (B) Secondary and Storage Device


7. Which provides the fastest data access time?



8. Where is the disk put in a computer?

     In the hard drive
    Into the CPU
    In the disk drive
ANSWER= (C) In the disk drive


9. Which of the following hardware configurations fall below the minimum recommended for Windows Vista?

    A computer that has a 10 megabit network interface card
    A computer that has a 100 megabit network interface card
    A computer that has a 900 MHz Pentium III processor
ANSWER= (D)  A computer that has 256 MB of RAM


10. A source program is the program written in ____ language.

    High level
ANSWER= (C) High level


11.  ______________ interface in Windows Vista improves the clarity in appearance.

     Windows Easy Transfer
     Windows Instant Search
     Widows Aero
ANSWER= (C) Widows Aero


12. After doing a low-level format, what would be the next step in configuring the hard drive in a system?

    Format DOS partition
    Install operating system
    Configure DMA channel and back-up interrupt
ANSWER= (A) None of the above


13. Resistance is measured in ?

ANSWER= (D) Ohms


14. Most PCs give a single beep on bootup to indicate they are ok hardware wise. You boot your PC and don't get a beep. What should you check first?

    system board
ANSWER= (D) speaker


15. Place where large amounts of data are stored outside central processing unit is called

    backing store
    control unit
ANSWER= (A) backing store


16. How can we bring My Computer icon on the desktop if it is not there ?

    From Wallpaper
     From Settings
     From Display Properties
ANSWER= (C)  From Display Properties


17. Encoding is important because it

     guarantees that one's message will be decoded
    encourages listener feedback
     eliminates noise
ANSWER= (D) Produces messages


18. These are the people who will be using ERP system once it is in place

ANSWER= (A) End-users


19. Steps to place web server in VPC and making it publicly accessible ?

     ARouting table, NAT, elastic IP, web server security group
     BIAM user, placement group, ELB
ANSWER= (A) Routing table, NAT, elastic IP, web server security group


20. When IT Act 2000 came into effect?

    October 17, 2000
    November 11, 2000
     November 11, 2001
ANSWER= (A) October 17, 2000


21. Computer device which is similar to mouse is

ANSWER= (C)  trackball


22. Read operation is also known as

    fetch operation
     access operation
     store operation
ANSWER= (A) fetch operation


23. Computer firmware is present in

    volatile memory
    non-volatile memory
    cache memory
ANSWER= (A) non-volatile memory


24. A computer has ______ .

    input unit            
    Central Processing Unit (CPU)
     output unit          
ANSWER= (D) all of them


25. All the processing work of computer takes place in ______.

    input unit
    Central Processing Unit (CPU)
    output unit
ANSWER= (A) Central Processing Unit (CPU)


26.  Most PCs give a single beep on bootup to indicate they are ok hardware wise. You boot your PC and don’t get a beep. What should you check first?

     system board                   
ANSWER= (D) speaker


27. Computer works on the principle of input, _____ and output.

ANSWER= (B) Processing


28. ITES stands for ___

     Information Technology Entrusted Systems
     Information Technology Extended Services
     Information Technology Enabled Services
ANSWER= (C) Information Technology Enabled Services


29. Which of the following is not an IT enabled service?

    Call centre’s
    Data digitization
ANSWER= (A) Word processor


30.  A client _____  a service.

    A or B
ANSWER= (A) Requests

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