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Computer Organization & Architecture MCQ [ Set - 18 ] | Computer Organization and Architecture Mcq for Competitive Exams


Computer Organization and Architecture Mcq for Competitive Exams

Table of Content (toc)

1. When the value 37H is divide by 17H, the remainder is

    C0 H
    03 H
    07 H
ANSWER= (A) 09 H


2. If negative numbers are stored in 2's complemented form, the range of numbers that can be stored in 8 bits is

    -128 to-128
    -128 to 127
    -127 to-128
ANSWER= (B) -128 to 127


3. The addressing mode used in an instruction of the form ADD X, Y, is

ANSWER= (A) Absolute


4. A combinational logic circuit which sends data coming from a single source to twoor more separate destinations is


ANSWER= (D) Demultiplexer.


5. The three main components of a digital computer system are

     Memory, IO, DMA 
    ALU, CPU, Memory
    CPU, Memory, 10

ANSWER= (C) CPU, Memory, 10


6.  The performance of cache memory is frequently measured in terms of a quantity called

    Miss ratio.
    Hit ratio.
     Latency ratio.
ANSWER= (C) Latency ratio.


7. A Stack-organised Computer uses instruction of

    Indirect addressing
    Zero addressing

ANSWER= (C) Zero addressing


8. The cost of storing a bit is minimum in

     Cache memory
ANSWER= (D) Tape


9. The functional capacity of SSI devices is

    1-11 gates
    12 to 99 gates
    100 to 10,000 gates
ANSWER= (A) 1-11 gates


10. The idea of cache memory is based ______.

    on the property of locality of reference
    on the heuristic 90-10 rule
    on the fact that references generally tend to cluster
ANSWER= (A) on the property of locality of reference


11. Which of the following statement(s) is true? 

     ROM is a read/write memory
    PC points to the last instruction that was executed 
     Stack works on the principle of LIFO
ANSWER= (A) (C) & (D)


12. What characteristic of RAM memory makes it not suitable for permanentstorage?

    too slow
     it is volatile
ANSWER= (C) it is volatile


13. A resolution of _____ pixels will produce sharper image than 640 x 480 pixels.

    800 x 600
    1024 x 800
    1024 x 640
ANSWER= (D) 1024 x 768


14. Tera is 2 to the power of


ANSWER= (D) 40


15.  ___ units are generally floating-point units that are completely pipelined.

    Scalar registers
    Vector load and store unit
    Vector functional unit
ANSWER= (C) Vector functional unit


16. 2n-1 is the largest integer in 2's complement representation using n bits.

10 The least negative value that the product of two 8-bit two's complement numbers can take is

ANSWER= (B) -215


17. In immediate addressing the operand is placed

     in the CPU register
    after OP code in the instruction
     in memory
ANSWER= (B) after OP code in the instruction


18. Data input command is just the opposite of a

    Test command
    Control command
    Data output
ANSWER= (C) Data output


19. PSW is saved in stack when there is a _____.

    interrupt recognized
    execution of RST instruction
    Execution of CALL instruction
ANSWER= (A) interrupt recognized


20. In register addressing mode operands are looked at

    In cache
    In secondary storage
     In CPU



21. Computers use addressing mode techniques for ____________.

    giving programming versatility to the user by providing facilities as pointers to memory counters for loop control
     to reduce no. of bits in the field of instruction
    specifying rules for modifying or interpreting address field of the instruction
ANSWER= (D) All the above


22. The shift left and shift right functions operate on the value in the



23. Which of the following comment about the program counter is true? 

    It is used to count the no. of instructions
    It is a cell in ROM 
    During execution of the current instruction, its content changes
ANSWER= (C) During execution of the current instruction, its content changes


24.  ___ is an operation that fetches the non-zero elements of a sparse vector from memory.

     Strip mining
ANSWER= (D) Gather


25. The master indicates that the address is loaded onto the BUS, by activating signal.



26. The numbers in the range -23 to +31 is represented by the minimum number of bits :



27.  The speed imbalance between memory access & CPU operation can be reduced by -

ANSWER= (B) memory interleaving


28. The sequence of events that happen during a typical fetch operation is

    PC MDR-Memory →IR 
    PC Memory-IR


29. The circuit converting binary data in to decimal is_____.

ANSWER= (D) Code converter


30. BCD stands for

    Boolean code definition
    Binary coded division
    Binary coded decimal
ANSWER= (C) Binary coded decimal

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