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Computer Organization & Architecture MCQ [ Set - 16 ] | Computer Organization and Architecture Mcq Question Bank with Answers


Computer Organization and Architecture Mcq Question Bank with Answers

Table of Content (toc)

1.  The concept of pipelining is most effective in improving performance if the tasks being performed in different stages :

     require different amount of time
    require about the same amount of time
    require different amount of time with time difference between any two tasks being same
ANSWER= (B) require about the same amount of time


2. A successive A/D converter is

    a high-speed converter.
     a low speed converter.
     a medium speed converter.
ANSWER= (C)  a medium speed converter.


3. Stride in Vector processor is used to

    differentiate different data types
    differentiate different data
ANSWER= (C) differentiate different data


4. Content of the program counter is added to the address part of the instruction in order to obtain the effective address is called.

    relative address mode.
     index addressing mode.
    register mode.
ANSWER= (A) relative address mode.


5. Name of round shining portable disk which can store large amount of information and softwares.

    Floppy disk


6. Array Processor is present in 



7. Which of the following is an example of storage devices?

    Magnetic disk
ANSWER= (D)  All of these


8. Translation from symbolic program into Binary is done in_____.

     Two passes.
    Three passes.
ANSWER= (A) Two passes


9. Basic difference between Vector and Array processors is 

    interconnection network
ANSWER= (A) pipelining


10. 1. ___ executes only the instructions that are commonly used in programs and thus, makes the process simpler.

     2. ___ consists of a variety of expert instructions and may just not be frequently used in practical programs.

     Complex instruction set computer (CISC), Very long instruction word (VLIW)
     Reduced instruction set computer (RISC), Complex instruction set computer (CISC)
    Reduced instruction set computer (RISC), Very long instruction word (VLIW)
ANSWER= (B)  Reduced instruction set computer (RISC), Complex instruction set computer (CISC)


11. The processors in a multiprocessor system communicate with each other through ___.

    Shared memory
    The shared variable in a common memory
    Both a & b
ANSWER= (B) The shared variable in a common memory


12. Interprocessor communication is done through ___ among nodes-

    Shared variable
    Shared memory
    Message passing
ANSWER= (C) Message passing


13. Cache memory works on the principle of_____.

    Locality of data
     Locality of memory
    Locality of reference
ANSWER= (C) Locality of reference


14.  Which of the following comment about the SP is true?

    It is used to count the no of instructions
    It is a General Purpose Register 
    During execution of the current instruction, its content changes
ANSWER= (D) Holds the address of the top element of the stack


15. In computers, subtraction is generally carried out by ______.

     9’s complement
    10’s complement
    1’s complement
ANSWER= (D)  2’s complement


16. A standard CD player accesses data/information using which method?

    Multivariate access
     Sequential access
    Random access
ANSWER= (D) All of these


17. The size gap between main memory & Secondary memory can be reduced by -

    Cache memory
    memory interleaving 
     reducing memory size
ANSWER= (D) virtual memory


18. The equation of average memory access time = Hit time + ___ x ___.

    Miss rate, Miss penalty
    Miss penalty, Cache size
    Miss penalty, Hit time
ANSWER= (A) Miss rate, Miss penalty


19. The main memory in a Personal Computer (PC) is made of_____.

    cache memory.
    static RAM
    Dynamic Ram
ANSWER= (D) bothA.and (B).


20. The numbers in the range -23 to +31 is represented by the minimum number of bits



21.  Exponent in floating point number can be represented by -

    Sign-magnitude form
    I's complemented from
    2's complemented from.
ANSWER= (A)Sign-magnitude form


22. The addressing mode used in the instruction PUSH B

     register indirect
ANSWER= (C) register indirect


23. When necessary, the results are transferred from the CPU to main memory by

     I/O devices.
    shift registers.

ANSWER= (C) shift registers.


24. The addressing mode used in an instruction of the form ADD X,#10 is

     absolute register
ANSWER= (B) immediate


25.  Virtual memory consists of

     Static RAM
    Dynamic RAM
    Magnetic memory
ANSWER= (A)  Static RAM


26. In a program using subroutine call instruction, it is necessary

     initialise program counter
    Clear the accumulator
     Reset the microprocessor
ANSWER= (D) Clear the instruction register


27. Dirty bit can be used to represent

    Noise in data
     that the block has been modified in cache
    that the memory write operation had been failed
ANSWER= (C) that the memory write operation had been failed


28. The functional capacity of VLSI devices is

    1-11 gates
     12 to 99 gates
    100 to 10,000 gates
ANSWER= (D) more than 10000 gates


29. Cost per bit is maximum for

    Cache memory


30. If negative number are stored in I's complemented form, the range of numbers that can stored in 16 bits is

    -128 to +128
    -128 to +127
    -127 to +127
ANSWER= (D) -32767 to +32767

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