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Computer Organization & Architecture MCQ [ Set - 9 ] | Computer Organization and Architecture mcq for Gate


computer organization and architecture mcq for gate

Table of Content (toc)

1. Logic X-OR operation of (4ACO)H& (B53F)H results _____.



2.  Instruction cycle is 


ANSWER= (A) fetch-decode-execution


3. The processing elements are linked by a 2-dimension near-neighbour mesh and this gives an advantage of high bandwidth.

State True or False:

     1- False, 2- False
    1- True, 2- True
    1- False, 2- True
ANSWER= (C) 1- False, 2- True


4. Gray code is -

    weighed code
    unweighted code 
    self complementing code
ANSWER= (B) unweighted code 


5. The average time required to reach a storage location in memory and obtain itscontents is called

     Latency time.
    Access time.
    Turnaround time.
ANSWER= (B) Access time.


6. Floating point representation is used to store - 

    Boolean values 
     whole numbers
    real integers
ANSWER= (C) real integers


7. If the main memory is of 8K bytes and the cache memory is of 2K words. Ituses associative mapping. Then each word of cache memory shall be_____.

    11 bits
    21 bits
    16 bits

ANSWER= (C) 16 bits


8. In signed-magnitude binary division, if the dividend is (11100)2, and divisor is (10011)2, then the result is


ANSWER= (C) (10100)2


9. The half adder performs

    Decimal addition operation for 2 decimal inputs
     Binary addition operation for 2 binary inputs
    Decimal addition operation for 2 binary inputs
ANSWER= (B) Binary addition operation for 2 binary inputs


10. (-27)10 can be represented in a signed magnitude format and in a l's complement format is

     111011 & 100100
    100100 & 111011
    011011 & 100100 
ANSWER= (A)  111011 & 100100


11. In which year was the first analog computer built by an American named vinegar Bush?

ANSWER= (B) 1930


12. In floating point representation, biased exponent is used to

    facilitate tion of zero
    increase the range of representation
    reduce the overhead of comparing the sign bits of exponent in floating point arithmetic
ANSWER= (D) both (b) & (c) 


13. The Cray-1usually had a performance of about ___, but with up to three chains running, it could hit the highest point at ___.

    80 MFLOPS, 140 MFLOPS
    80 MFLOPS, 120 MFLOPS
    80 MFLOPS, 240 MFLOPS


14. Maximum value of a n bit 2's complement number is -

ANSWER= (A) 2n-¹-1


15. The load instruction is mostly used to designate a transfer from memory to aprocessor register known as____.

    Instruction Register
    Program counter
ANSWER= (A) Accumulator


16. Which of the following comment about the SP is true ? 

     It is used to count the no of instructions
     It is a General Purpose Register
     During execution of the current instruction, its content changes 
ANSWER= (D) Holds the address of the top element of the stack


17. Logic gates with a set of input and outputs is arrangement of

    Combinational circuit
    Logic circuit
     Design circuits
ANSWER= (A) Combinational circuit


18. The addressing mode used in an instruction of the form ADD X,#10 is

    absolute register

ANSWER= (B) immediate


19. Computer system is controlled by its



20. Which of the following register is loaded with the contents of the memory location pointed by the PC

     Memory address registers 
     Memory data registers 
     Instruction register
ANSWER= (A) Memory address registers 


21. ___ helps in instruction execution. It receives branch instructions and resolves the conditional branches as early as possible.

    Branch processing, Intel IA-64 architecture
    Branch prediction, Branch processing
    Intel IA-64 architecture, RISC
ANSWER= (A) Branch prediction, Branch processing


22. Which of the following storage devices require constant electricity?

    Hard drive
    Tape drive


23. ALU performs

     only arithmetic operation 
    both arithmetic and logic operation 
     storing of data
ANSWER= (B) both arithmetic and logic operation 


24. The main difference between JK and RS flip-flop is that

ANSWER= (C) JK flip-flop accepts both inputs as 1


25. On a PC, how much memory is available to application software?

    560 KB
    640 KB
    760 KB
ANSWER= (B) 640 KB


26. The circuit used to store one bit of data is known as ______.

    OR gate
    Flip Flop
ANSWER= (C) Flip Flop


27. For arithmetic operations computers uses 

    2's complement form
     1's complement form
    no complement form
ANSWER= (A) 2's complement form


28. (2FAOC) 16 is equivalent to

    (195 084) 10
    (001011111010 0000 1100) 2
     Both (A) and (B)
ANSWER= (B) (001011111010 0000 1100) 2


29. Simplified form of the expression XYZ + YZ+ XZ is 

     X + Y


30. An instruction pipeline can be implemented by means of

    LIFO buffer
    FIFO buffer
ANSWER= (B) FIFO buffer

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