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Computer Organization & Architecture MCQ [ Set - 6 ] | Computer Architecture and Organization mcqs


computer architecture and organization mcqs

 Table of Content (toc)

1. The output that is obtained, on the screen is called as

     Hard copy
     Soft copy
ANSWER= (C) Soft copy


2. When performing a looping operation, the instruction gets stored in the

    System heap
ANSWER= (B) Cache


3. Logic X-OR operation of (4ACO)H& (B53F)H results _____.



4. If the main memory is of 8K bytes and the cache memory is of 2K words. Ituses associative mapping. Then each word of cache memory shall be_____.

     11 bits
     21 bits
     16 bits
ANSWER= (C)  16 bits


5. In case of zero-addressinstruction method the operands are stored in 

ANSWER= (C) Stack


6. Cache memory acts between_______.

    CPU and RAM
    RAM and ROM
    CPU and Hard Disk


7. Which generation of computers is converted by the period 1964-77?

ANSWER= (C) Third


8. What was the name of the first personal computer electronic spreadsheet software package which becomes a smash hit as soon as it was introduced in 1978?

    Word star
    Lotus 1-2-3
ANSWER= (C) VisiCalc


9. The addressing mode(s), which uses the PC instead of a general purpose register is 

    Indexed with offset
ANSWER= (B) Relative


10. How many memory locations can be addressed by a 32-bit computer?

    64 KB
    32 KB
    4 GB


11. Consider the following statements with respect to I/O performance measures:

1. Throughput is the average number of tasks completed by the server over a period of time.

2. The two most common measures of I/O performance, used currently, are throughput and response time.

State True or False:

     1- True, 2- True
    1- False, 2- False
    1- True, 2- False
ANSWER= (C) 1- True, 2- False


12. The addressing mode of an instruction is resolved by

    DMA Controller
ANSWER= (B) DMA Controller


13. Assembly language

    uses alphabetic codes in place of binary numbers used in machine language
    is the easiest language to write programs
    need not be translated into machine language
ANSWER= (A) uses alphabetic codes in place of binary numbers used in machine language


14. What can be used to store one or more bits of data, which can accept and/or transfer information serially ?

    Parallel registers
    Shift registers
ANSWER= (B) Shift registers


15. A typical modern computer uses

     LSI chip
    VLSI chip


16. In computers, subtraction is generally carried out by

    9’s complement
    10’s complement
    1’s complement
ANSWER= (D) 2’s complement


17. The basic circuit of ECL supports the

    NAND logic
    NOR logic
    EX-OR logic
ANSWER= (D) OR-NOR logic


18. The three main components of a digital computer system are

    Memory, IO, DMA
    ALU, CPU, Memory
    Control Unit, ALU, Register
ANSWER= (C) Control Unit, ALU, Register


19. The main advantages of CMOS as compared to TTL are

    Higher speed operation with low power consumption
    Higher power consumption with high fan out
    Lower power consumption with low fan out
ANSWER= (D) Lower power consumption and better noise margins


20. A _____ is small piece of data that is derived from the words “binary digitâ .

     mega byte

ANSWER= (C)  bit


21. ___ is used to reduce cache hit time.

    Pseudo-associative caches
     Avoiding address translation during cache indexing
    Early restart and critical word first

ANSWER= (B) Avoiding address translation during cache indexing


22. can be represented in a signed magnitude format and in a 1’s complement format as

    111011 & 100100
    100100 & 111011
    011011 & 100100
ANSWER= (A) 111011 & 100100


23.The register used as a working area in CPU is

    program counter
     instruction register
    instruction decoder
ANSWER= (D)  accumulator


24. Processors of all computers, whether micro, mini or mainframe must have 

    Primary Storage
    Control unit
ANSWER= (D)  All of these


25. In the indirect address mode

     the effective address is equal to the address part of the instruction
    the content of the program counter is added to address part of the instruction
    a memory is addressed by a register
ANSWER= (C) a memory is addressed by a register


26. A disk’s content that is recorded at the time a manufacture and that changed or erased by the user is


ANSWER= (B) Read-only


27.The ascending order or a data Hierarchy is - 

ANSWER= (A) bit-bytes-fields-record-file-database 


28. The most relevant addressing mode to write position-independent codes is

    direct mode
    indirect mode
    relative mode

ANSWER= (A) direct mode


29. Subtractor can be implemented using -

    both (a) and (b) 
ANSWER= (A) adder 


30. In IBM’s S360/370 systems lines are used toselect the I/O devices.

     SCAN in and out
ANSWER= (A) SCAN in and out

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