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Computer Organization & Architecture MCQ [ Set - 12 ] | Computer Organization and Architecture mcq with Answers pdf

computer organization and architecture mcq with answers pdf

 Table of Content (toc)

1.  The term ‘computer architecture’ was coined in-

ANSWER= (C)  1964


2. Instruction sets include-

    Addressing modes
ANSWER= (D) All of the above


3. Floating point representation is used to store -

     Boolean values 
    whole numbers. 
    real integers
ANSWER= (C) real integers


4. In Microsoft Word, which of the following is not a type of text alignment?

ANSWER= (A) Midpoint


5. Which of the following are not a machine instructions

ANSWER= (D)  (B) & (C) .


6. In signed-magnitude binary division, if the dividend is (11100), and divisor is (10011), then the result is

ANSWER= (C) (10100) 


7. The average time required to reach a storage location in memory and obtainits contents is called_____.

     Latency time.
    Access time.
    Turnaround time.
ANSWER= (B) Access time.


8. Which of the following is not true about RAM?

    Information stored in RAM is gone when you turn the computer off
     RAM is volatile
    RAM is the same as hard disk storage
ANSWER= (C) RAM is the same as hard disk storage


9. (-27) io can be represented in a signed magnitude format and in a format is

    111011 & 100100 
    100100 & 1110111
    011011 & 100100
ANSWER= (A) 111011 & 100100 


10. The number of select input lines in a 16-to-1 multiplexer is



11. In floating point representation, biased exponent is used to

     facilitate representation of zero 
    increase the range of representation
     reduce the overhead of comparing the sign bits of exponent in floating arithmetic 
ANSWER= (A)  both (b) & (c)


12. In Assembly language programming, minimum number of operands required for aninstruction is/are 

ANSWER= (A) Zero.


13. The maximum addressing capacity of a micro processor which uses 16 bit database &32 bit address base is

    64 K.
    4 GB.
    both (A) & (B) .


14.  A three input NOR gate gives logic high output only when_____.

    one input is high
    one input is low
    two input are low
ANSWER= (D) all input are high


15.The circuit converting binary data in to decimal is_____.

ANSWER= (D) Code converter


16. Maximum value of a n bit 2's complement number is -

ANSWER= (C)  2-1


17.  The size gap between main memory & Secondary memory can be reduced by - 

    Cache memory.
    memory interleaving 
    reducing memory size
ANSWER= (D) Virtual Memory


18. ___ states that “the performance improvement to be gained from using some faster mode of execution is limited by the fraction of the time the faster mode can be used.”

     Principle of the locality
     Hybrid technique
     Variable-length technique
ANSWER= (A) Types 2nd options


19. Dirty bit can be used to represent

    Noise in data
     that the block has been modified in cache 
    that the memory write operation had been failed

ANSWER= (C) that the memory write operation had been failed


20. The addressing mode used in an instruction of the form ADD X Y, is

ANSWER= (C) index


21. Cost per bit is maximum for

     Cache memory 


22. The cost-performance ratio is a good indicator of ___ quality for small changes.

    Absolute relative
ANSWER= (A) Relative


23. The access time is maximum in -

    Cache memory
ANSWER= (D) Hard disk drive


24. The algorithm to remove and place new contents into the cache is called                

    Replacement algorithm
    Renewal algorithm
ANSWER= (A) Replacement algorithm


25. The basic circuit ECL supports the

    NAND logic
    NOR logic
     EX-OR logic
ANSWER= (D) OR-NOR logic


26. Giga is 2 to the power of


ANSWER= (B)  20


27. The speed imbalance between memory access & CPU operation can be reduced by

    cache memory
    memory interleaving
    reducing memory size  
ANSWER=  both (a) and (b)


28. Parallel processing may occur

ANSWER= (C) both[A] and [B]


29.An automatic machine that performs routine seemingly human tasks is

ANSWER= (C) Robot


30. TLB is associated with -

    Cache memory 
    Virtual memory 
    Primary memory
ANSWER= (A) Cache memory 

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