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Data Structure MCQ Questions and Answers [ SET - 1 ] | Data Structure MCQ for Competitive Exams


Data Structure MCQ Questions and Answers

1. Each element of an array arr[20] [50] requires 4 bytes of storage. Base address of arr is 2000. The location of arr[10][10] when the array is stored as column major  is 

ANSWER= (B) 2840 


2.  What is a bit array?

    Data structure that compactly stores bits
    An array in which most of the elements have the same value
     Data structure for representing arrays of records
ANSWER= (A) Data structure that compactly stores bits


3. Which if the following is/are the levels of implementation of data structure

     abstract level
     application level
    implementation level
ANSWER= (D) all of the above


4. In C language, malloc() returns

    integer pointer 
    structure pointer 
    null pointer
ANSWER= (C) null pointer


5. In a circular queue the value of r will be ..

     r=(r+1)% [queue_size – 1]
     r=(r+1)% queue_size
ANSWER= (C) r=(r+1)% queue_size


6. Data structure that compactly stores bits -

    Bloom filter
     For the allocation of memory pages
    Used by the Linux kernel
ANSWER= (D) All of the mentioned


7. Which of the following is the best time for an algorithm ?

    O(log, n)
    0 (2")
ANSWER= (B) O(log, n)


8. The advantage of …………….. is that they solve the problem if sequential storage representation. But disadvantage in that is they are sequential lists.

     linked lists
ANSWER= (B) linked lists


9. Four algo.s do the same task. Which algo. should execute the slowest for large values of n?

    O(log, n)
ANSWER= (D) O(2n)


10. Arrays are best data structures

     for relatively permanent collections of data
    for the size of the structure and the data in the structure are constantly changing
    for both of above situation
ANSWER= (A) for relatively permanent collections of data


11. What is a dynamic array?

    A variable size data structure
     dynamic array is a variable size data structure
    The memory to the array is allocated at runtime
ANSWER= (A) dynamic array is a variable size data structure


12. In C language, arrays are stored in which representation?

    Column major 
    Row major 
    Layer major
ANSWER= (B) Row major 


13. What are some of the disadvantages of parallel arrays?

    Very little direct language support
    Expensive to shrink or grow
    Poor locality of reference for non-sequential access
ANSWER= (D) All of the mentioned


14. The disadvantage in using a circular linked list is …………………….

     it is possible to get into infinite loop.
    last node points to first node.
    time consuming
ANSWER= (A) it is possible to get into infinite loop.


15. Which of the following algorithm should execute the slowest for large values of N?

    O (N) 
    O (N²)
ANSWER= (B) O (N²)


16. node.next -> node.next.next; will make

    node.next inaccessible
    node.next.next inaccessible
    this node inaccessible
ANSWER= (A) node.next inaccessible


17. What is a sorted array?

    Arrays sorted in numerical order
     Arrays sorted in alphabetical order
    Elements of the array are placed at equally spaced addresses in the memory
ANSWER= (D) All of the mentioned


18. Which is better computing time (in analysis of algorithm)?

    O(log 2n)
ANSWER= (C) O(log 2n)


19.   Which of the following property does not hold for matrix multiplication?

ANSWER= (A) Commutative does not hold for matrix multiplication.


20.  A circular linked list can be used for

    both stack & queue
ANSWER= (C) both stack & queue


21.  A dynamic data structure where we can search for desired records in O(logn) time is

    binary search tree 
    circularly linked list 
ANSWER= (B) binary search tree 


22.  If a list contains no elements it is said to be

ANSWER= (B)  empty


23. Matrix A when multiplied with Matrix C gives the Identity matrix I, what is C ?

     Identity matrix
     Inverse of A
     Transpose of A
ANSWER= (B) Inverse of A


24. For Column Major, what is the address of [3, 2] th element of a 3x 4 Matrix (contains integer number)? It is given that the Base Address is 2000

ANSWER= (D) 2020


25. Data Structure is a systematic way to organize data in order to use it efficiently.

ANSWER= (A) True


26.  The number of possible binary search trees with 3 nodes is



27. Which of the following expressions access the (i, j)th entry of a (mx n) matrix stored in column major order?

    nx (i-1) +j c) mx (n-j) +j
    mx (j-1) +i d) nx (m-i) +j
ANSWER= (B) mx (j-1) +i d) nx (m-i) +j


28.  Which of the following traversal techniques lists the nodes of a binary search tree in ascending order?

ANSWER= (B) in-order


29. Linked list uses

     random memory allocation
    static memory allocation
    fixed memory allocation
ANSWER= (D) dynamic memory allocation


30. Which of the following is non-linear data structure? 

ANSWER= (D)  Trees

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