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[ 4000+ ] Data Structure MCQ Questions and Answers [ SET - 4 ] | Data Structure Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf


Data Structure Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf

1. Which of the following data structure permits insertion and deletion operations only on one end of the structure?

    Linked list
ANSWER= (C) Stack


2. What is the worst-case time for serial search finding a single item in an array?

    Quadratic time
     Linear time
    Logarithmic time
ANSWER= (B) Linear time


3. Which type of linked List contains. pointer to the next as well as previous node in the sequence?

    Singly Linked List 
    Circular Linked List 
    Doubly Linked List
ANSWER= (C) Doubly Linked List


4. The average case complexity of quick sort for sorting n numbers is

ANSWER= (B) O(nlog2n)


5.  In stack deletion operation is referred as _____

ANSWER= (B) pop


6. Queue is _____ type of data structure.

    both a & b
ANSWER= (B) fifo


7.  Linked list is not suitable data structure for which one of the following problems?

    insertion sort
    radix sort 
    binary search
ANSWER= (C) binary search


8. Which of following operations are generally not performed on report files?

ANSWER= (D) All of above


9.  In Pseudocode part consists of?

ANSWER= (D) All of the above


10. Self-referential pointer is used in defining

     an array 
    a node of linked-list 
     a queue
ANSWER= (D)  all of these


11.In bottom-up approach-

    A problem is subdivided into subproblems; each one is attacked without worrying about others.
    A problem is tackled from beginning to end in one go.
    Subproblems are solved first; then all solution of subproblems are put together to solve the main problem
ANSWER= (C) Subproblems are solved first; then all solution of subproblems are put together to solve the main problem


12. Which of the following statements about a binary tree is correct?

    No binary tree is both complete and full
    Every full binary tree is also a complete binary tree
    Every complete binary tree is also a full binary tree
ANSWER= (B) Every full binary tree is also a complete binary tree


13. Inserting a node after a given node in a doubly linked list requires

    four pointer exchanges.
     two pointer exchanges 
    one pointer exchange.
ANSWER= (B) two pointer exchanges 


14.  Stack is also called as

    last in first out
    first in last out
    last in last out
ANSWER= (A) last in first out


15. Binary search is not possible for

    linked list
ANSWER= (B) linked list


16.  ………… is very useful in situation when data have to stored and then retrieved in reverse order.

ANSWER= (A) stack


17.  Which data structure allows deleting data elements from and inserting at rear?

ANSWER= (B) queues


18.  A linear link list can be traversed using

     both (a) and (c) are correct
ANSWER= (A) recursion


19. When does top value of the stack changes?

     before deletion
    while checking underflow
     at the time of deletion
ANSWER= (D) after deletion


20. How will you implement dynamic arrays in Java?

ANSWER= (D) List


21. A ……………….. is a linear list in which insertions and deletions are made to from either end of the structure.

    circular queue
    random of queue
ANSWER= (D) dequeue


22. The data structure used to solve recursive problem is

    Linked list 
ANSWER= (C) stack


23.  The term "push" and "pop" is related to the

ANSWER= (C) stacks


24. What is the difference between a normal(naive) array and a sparse array?

    Sparse array is memory efficient
    Sparse array can hold more elements than a normal array
    Sparse array is dynamic
ANSWER= (A) Sparse array is memory efficient


25. The adjacency matrix of an undirected graph is

    Unit matrix
    Asymmetric matrix
    Symmetric matrix
ANSWER= (C) Symmetric matrix


26. Suffix array can be created in O(nlogn) time.

ANSWER= (A) True


27. The disadvantage in using a circular linked list is …………………….

    it is possible to get into infinite loop
    last node points to first node.
     time consuming
ANSWER= (A) it is possible to get into infinite loop


28. A simple undirected graph with eight (8) vertices is said to be completed if number of edges equals to 

ANSWER= (B) 28


29. If in a linked list address of first node is 1020 then what will be the address of node at 5th position ?

ANSWER= (D) none of these


30.Which of the following data structure is mainly used for implementing the recursive algorithm?

    Linked list
ANSWER= (A) Stack

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