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Artificial Intelligence MCQ Question Bank with Answers [SET - 3] | Artificial Intelligence mcq for ugc net


Artificial Intelligence mcq for ugc net

1. The face recognition system is based on?

ANSWER= (D) Applied artificial intelligence approach


2. Which term is used for describing the judgmental or commonsense part of problem solving?

ANSWER= (A) Heuristic


3. The first ai programming language was called:

ANSWER= (C)  Ipl


4. A heuristic is a way of trying

ANSWER= (D) All of the mentioned


5. An Artificial Intelligence system developed by Terry A. Winograd to permit an interactive dialogue about a domain he called blocks-world.



6. What is Artificial intelligence?

ANSWER= (C) Artificial intelligence is Making a Machine intelligent


7. A process that is repeated, evaluated, and refined is called

ANSWER= (D) iterative


8. What was originally called the "imitation game" by its creator?

ANSWER= (A) The Turing Test


9.  In LISP, the addition 3 + 2 is entered as -

ANSWER= (D) In LISP, the addition 3 + 2 is entered as (+ 3 2) .


10. The first widely-used commercial form of Artificial Intelligence (Al) is being used in many popular products like microwave ovens, automobiles and plug in circuit boards for desktop PCs. It allows machines to handle vague information with a deftness that mimics human intuition. What is the name of this AI?

ANSWER= (C)  Fuzzy logic


11. The primary method that people use to sense their environment is:

ANSWER= (D) Seeing


12. Adversarial search problems uses

ANSWER= (A) Competitive Environment


13. Decision support programs are designed to help managers make:

ANSWER= (C) Business decisions


14. The cray X-MP, IBM 3090 and connection machine can he characterized as



15. General games involves

ANSWER= (D) Only Single-agent and Multi-agent


16. A game can be formally defined as a kind of search problem with the following components.

ANSWER= (D) All of the mentioned


17. Which approach is to pretend that a pure divide and conquer algorithm will work?

    Goal independence

ANSWER= (B) Subgoal independence


18.LISP machines also are known as:

ANSWER= (A) AI workstations


19.  Which of these schools was not among the early leaders in AI research?

ANSWER= (B) Harvard University


20. Who is the “father” of artificial intelligence?

ANSWER= (B) John McCarthy


21. The initial state and the legal moves for each side define the for the game.

ANSWER= (B) Game Tree


22. PROLOG is an AI programming language which solves problems with a form of symbolic logic known as predicate calculus. It was developed in 1972 at the University of Marseilles by a team of specialists. Can you name the person who headed this team?

ANSWER= (A) Alain Colmerauer


23.What is the complexity of minirnax algorithm?

ANSWER= (A) Same as of DES


24.  Which is the most straightforward approach for planning algorithm?

ANSWER= (B) State-space search


25.  What is the other name for forward state-space search?

ANSWER= (A)  Progression planning


26.  How many states are available in state-space search?



27. What is the other name of the backward state-space search?

ANSWER= (A) Regression planning


28. What is meant by consistent in state-space search?

ANSWER= (B) Not any change in the literals


29. Shaping teaching techniques to fit the learning patterns of individual students is the goal of:

ANSWER= (C) Intelligent computer-assisted instruction


30. Which search method takes less memory?

ANSWER= (A)  Depth-first search

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