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Communication Skills in English | mcq on communication skills with answers

Subject- Communication Skills in English


ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:                                                                    1x25=25

A.     Choose the correct alternative:

1. Communication is a……. Process.

● Two way

● Three way

● One way

● None

2. One of the 7C's of communication is:

● Clear

● Compare

● Consider

● Comment

3. Receiver must have the ability to:

● Draw

● Stand

● Listen

● Protest

4. Which is one of the art of communication?

● Choosing the right location.

● Choosing the right topic.

● Choosing the right words.

● All of the above.

5.Communication that involves exchanging information without use of words is called

● verbal communication

● pictorial communication

● written communication

● non verbal communication

6. The spoken or written conveyance of a message is called

● Verbal Communication

● Non verbal communication

● Oral Communication

● Formal Communication

7.The most desired result of communication is:

● Conclusion

● Information

● Feedback

● All

8.One barrier of effective communication is:

● Barriers involving relationships

● Barriers involving money

● Barriers involving food

● Barriers involving words

9.When should you send a cover letter?

a)Only when an ad specifically requests it

b)Every time you send out your resume

C)When you need to list your salary requirement

d)When you need to list references

e)When you need to show off your marketability

10.The difference between formal and informal communication is:

● Formal communication is time consuming, whereas informal is a quick and easy process.

● Formal communication is written whereas informal is verbal.

● Formal communication is restricted for a few, whereas informal is open to all.

● None of the above.





4.choosing the right words

5.non-verbal communication

6.verbal communication


8.barriers  involving words

9.Every time you send out your resume

10.Formal communication is time consuming, whereas informal is a quick and easy process.


B.Change the voice:

1. The boy is speaking the truth.

2.we saw a snake.

3.change the voice.

4.Who has taught you English?

5.Do they love books?


1.The truth is being spoken by the boy.

2.A snake was seen by us.

3.Let the voice be changed.

4.By whom have you been  taught English?

5.Are the books loved by them?

C.Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions:                

1.The boy walked…… the room.

2.He came here…….. Sunday.

3.Water is falling …….the tap.

4.Take care… your books.

5.keep the book …...the table.









D.Fill in the blanks with correct form of the verb          5


My little sister is very naughty. When she ……….. (come) back from school yesterday,


she ……………………….. (tear) her dress. We ……...(ask) her how it ……………………... (happen). She said she ………………   (have, quarrel) with a boy.



Came,had torn, asked,had happened,had quarreled


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