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Operating System Mcq [SET - 4] | Operating System Mcq with Answers


operating system mcq with answers

1.  The list of processes waiting for a particular I/0 device is called a

    Device list
    Device pool
    Device queue

ANSWER= (C) Device queue


2. Which one of the following error will be handle by the operating system?

    power failure
    lack of paper in printer
    connection failure in the network

ANSWER= (D) all of the mentioned


3.If process Pi is executing in its critical section, then no other processes can be executing in their critical-sections. This is called a ___.

    Bounded Waiting
    Mutual Exclusion

ANSWER= (B)  Mutual Exclusion


4. When a web page is loading, and the user presses a button on the browser to stop loading the page?

    the thread loading the page continues with the loading
    the thread loading the page does not stop but continues with another task
    the thread loading the page is paused

ANSWER= (D) the thread loading the page is cancelled


5. ____ give iterative usage of the particular application.


ANSWER= (B)  Icons


6. The ____ attacks and discourage people to get connected to the net.

     source program

ANSWER= (C)  virus


7. Which of the following does not interrupt a running process?

    a device
    scheduler process

ANSWER= (C)  scheduler process


8. When the target thread periodically checks if it should terminate and terminates itself in an orderly manner, it is called?

    asynchronous cancellation
    systematic cancellation
    sudden termination

ANSWER= (D)  deferred cancellation


9. Cancelling a thread asynchronously

    frees all the resources properly
    may not free each resource
    spoils the process execution

ANSWER= (B) may not free each resource


10. System supports two types of file, which are ........

     Text Files
      Executable Binary Flies
     Both (a) And (b)

ANSWER= (C) Both (a) And (b)


11. Which of the following is a single-user operating system?


ANSWER= (B) Ms-Dos


12. What is the advantage of dynamic loading?

    a used routine is used multiple times
    an unused routine is never loaded
    cpu utilization increases

ANSWER= (B) an unused routine is never loaded


13.The idea of overlays is to                          

    data that are needed at any given time
    enable a process to be larger than the amount of memory allocated to it
    keep in memory only those instructions

ANSWER= (D)  all of the mentioned


14. TestAndSet instruction is executed

    after a particular process

ANSWER= (C) atomically


15.How many users can access a share folder simultaneously from a Windows XP Machine?

ANSWER= (A) 10


16. Which function key needs to be press during reboot to enter in safe mode of a windows machine?




17. What is Dynamic loading?

     loading multiple routines dynamically
    loading a routine only when it is called
    loading multiple routines randomly

ANSWER= (B)loading a routine only when it is called


18. The must design and program the overlay structure.

    system architect
    system designer

ANSWER= (A)  programmer


19. The swaps processes in and out of the memory.

    memory manager
    cpu manager

ANSWER= (A) memory manager


20. Swap space is allocated                          

    as a chunk of disk
    separate from a file system
    into a file system

ANSWER= (A) Types 2nd options


21.  CPU fetches the instruction from memory according to the value of                          

    program counter
    status register
    instruction register

ANSWER= (A)  program counter


22. A memory buffer used to accommodate a speed differential is called                          

    stack pointer

ANSWER= (A) cache


23. The main function of the command interpreter is ..........

    To get and execute the next user-specified command
    To provide the interface between the api and application program
    To handle the files in operating system

ANSWER= (A) To get and execute the next user-specified command.


24. What is the reason for using the LFU page replacement algorithm ?

     an actively used page should have a large reference count
    a less used page has more chances to be used again
    it is extremely efficient and optimal

ANSWER= (A) an actively used page should have a large reference count


25. In segmentation, each address is specified by                          

     a segment number & offset
    an offset & value
    a value & segment number

ANSWER= (A) a segment number & offset


26.The protection bit is 0/1 based on

    write only
    read only
    read – write

ANSWER= (C) read – write


27. If there are 32 segments, each of size 1Kb, then the logical address should have

    13 bits
    14 bits
    15 bits

ANSWER= (A) 13 bits


28. Consider a computer with 8 Mbytes of main memory and a 128K cache. The cache block size is 4 K. It uses a direct mapping scheme for cache management. How many different main memory blocks can map onto a given physical cache block?


ANSWER= (C) 64


29. A multilevel page table is preferred in comparison to a single level page table for translating virtual address to physical address because                          

    it reduces the memory access time to read or write a memory location
    it helps to reduce the size of page table needed to implement the virtual address space of a process
    it is required by the translation lookaside buffer

ANSWER= (B) it helps to reduce the size of page table needed to implement the virtual address space of a process


30. Whenever a process needs I/O to or from a disk it issues a                              

    system call to the cpu
    system call to the operating system
     a special procedure

ANSWER= (B) system call to the operating system

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